12/18/12 How to Sell a Broken iPhone
With the economy as it is today many people are looking for ways to save money and make a little extra cash to help stretch their budgets. This might mean selling possessions that they have had that are now broken.

iPhones are expensive and are highly sought after smart phones. It is for this reason that many people are looking for a great deal on the iPhone. People that have iPhones and are no longer using them or have broken them are now looking for ways to sell them to get some of the money they spent on the phone back.

Even if your iPhone is broken you can still sell your broken iPhone to people who know how to fix them and resell them as refurbished phones. You might think that your broken iPhone is worth nothing, but it could be worth something to the right company.

If you would like to find a way to sell a broken iPhone all you will need to do is Google “how to sell your broken iPhone” and you might find a few sites that offer to buy your broken iPhone. This might seem like a great thing, but you will need to be careful who you sell your iPhone to. A lot of companies ask you to send them your broken iPhone so that they can give you a quote as to how much it is still worth. The sites promise to send your broken iPhone back to you if you do not like their quote, but if the site is a scam they will not send your iPhone back to you with no way of calling them to complain or find out what is going on.

To help protect yourself from scams when trying to sell a broken iPhone you will want to complete some research first. When looking at a site that buys broken iPhones you might want to complete a quick Google search to see if anyone was scammed when trying to use the company that you are thinking of selling your broken iPhone.

One great place that will allow you to sell a broken iphone to them is here at Cash iPhone. We will give you a fair price for your broken iPhone. We will even give you a price for your broken iPhone before we ask you to send it to us. Once you accept our offer we will have you send the iPhone to us using a free prepaid label that we provide you with.

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