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iPad 3

have you ever wondered how much is your iPad 3 worth and how can you get paid the most money for your iPad 3? Answer the questions above and receive a quote today and If you are here to sell iPad 3 for AT&T or sell your Verizon iPad 3, we are ready to buy it all including Sprint and the wifi only models. If you are ready to sell broken iPad 3 that has a cracked screen, that's not working, or its a water damaged or want to sell your working iPad 3, our iPad 3 buyback program is here for you, just answer the questions above and you will find out how much your iPad 3 is worth. Sell iPad 3 with any size, iPad 3 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. Trade-in your iPad 3 today and enjoy the extra cash!
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30 Day Lock

From the day you place your order to sell your iPhone, you have 30 days to ship it out and the price we quoted you will be paid to you in full. Here is a quick example, if you sell your iPhone today, your price lock will be valid as long as you ship it out by 06/27/2024!

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When it comes time to sell your iPhone, we offer you the highest payout possible for your new, used, or broken iPhone with our best price guarantee service. Whether your iPhone is fully working or completely destroyed, we will offer you the best price for it.

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Many sites that offer to buy your used iPhone will deduct processing fees, shipping fees, and other fees after receiving your iPhone. However, when you sell your iPhone with us, it is completely free and we will pay you the full amount we quote you, we promise!

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