12/03/12 How To Ship Your iPhone After Selling It
You have decided to sell your iPhone and now you got to the stage where you need to ship it out, if this is your first time shipping a package out, it can be a bit complicated if no directions were given out. We have prepared an easy step by step of the directions needed to get your iPhone in the mail as quickly as possible.
1. Find a box that your iPhone can fit in securely, you don't want it oversized as it will become harder to secure the iPhone in the package, pick any color box you'd like, white, brown, black, green, orange, as long as the iPhone fits in the box. Same goes with the stickers or labels on the box, as long as the box doesn't have any addresses on it, you can use it; however, if there is an address on it simply mark it out and you should be good to go.
2. You need to secure the iPhone in the box by using some kind of padding so it won't move around in the package while it's in transit. The most common use for that is what's known as bubble wrap and is show in the picture, if you don't have access to some bubble wrap then feel free to use anything to cover up that extra space in the box such as news papers or anything creative you come up with. Seal the box with some tape and you've successfully packed your iPhone.
3. You are now ready to print the prepaid label you were provided when you submitted your order (a copy of the prepaid label was sent to your email address). Simply print the prepaid label and tape it securely on the box and then you are ready to drop it off at any UPS Store. You may visit www.UPS.com to find a location near you or you may call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS and request them to pick up the package from your home or office at no cost.
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