The New iPhone 5S is Out, What's your old iPhone worth?

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9/10/13 The New iPhone 5S is Out, What's your old iPhone worth?
Today was a special day for Apple, they finally introduced their new flagship the Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C. After many months of anticipation and speculation, Apple has showed off the biggest "s" update in the iphone.

The iphone design hasn't significantly changed but they have added a bigger home button and the back is comprised of aluminum and glass. The iphone comes with a duel led flash and has an isight camera “a new, five-element Apple-designed lens.”

It also comes with a 15% larger active sensor and captures 120 fps video in 720p. One mode they have is burst shot which is really similar to the galaxy phones, it captures multiple pictures just by holding down the shutter button.

The 5s is rocking an A7 processor which is twice as fast than the previous A6 processor.The phone also has a brand new part called the M7, which is a motion sensor. It works with the A7 to continuously monitor motion from the gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass.

The processor also enables advanced motion sensing that will allow for improved health and fitness tracking Its the first 64-bit chip on a Smartphone and will be able to run 32 bit & 64 bit apps. The 5S will run Open GL|ES 3.0, the most sophisticated mobile graphics interface that will be able to run games like infinity blade 3. This will boost gaming and graphics to a new level.

Apple has added a touch id sensor which is the fingerprint scanner. The sensor is 170 microns thin, 500 ppi resolution, has 360-degree readability, and scans sub-epidermal skin layers. It will be used to unlock the iphone and increase mobile security.

The iPhone 5s will come out in Stores on September 20. The price will be the usual $200 on contract for 16GB, $299 for 32 GB, and $399 for 64 GB.

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