11/29/12 What To Do Before Selling My iPhone
It's time to sell your iPhone and you ask yourself, what do I need to do before selling my iphone? You want to make sure your data is completely wiped out before you sell your iPhone to insure no one gets access to your personal data. However, if for any reason you have no time or you're unable to access your iPhone, Cash iPhone will automatically wipe out your data free of charge when you sell it to them. We'll go through the quick steps of wiping out and clearing your personal data from the iPhone
1. Click the "Settings" button
2. Navigate to "General"
3. Scroll down and click "Reset"
4. Click "Reset All Content and Settings"
That's it, it's that easy! The iPhone will take around 2 minutes to reset to factory settings and you will be ready to sell your iPhone, go to CashiPhone.com and follow the simple and easy steps to get the most possible money out of your iPhone.
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